Thursday, February 7, 2008

I have the funniest kids!

Okay, so you may have funny kids too, but I have to tell you about this crack-up conversation I had with Olivia the other night.

She was in her room, all snuggled into her bed on the top bunk, reading while I got ready to read with her sisters on the lower bunk. "What's a cupid?" she asked. At least that's what I heard. I answered, "You know, those chubby little naked angel babies who shoot love arrows on Valentine cards." "Oh," she replied, puzzled. "So, if it says that something is 12 cubits high..." Then I realized that she was doing her Bible reading. She's currently in the book of Exodus, reading God's instructions to Moses about the specs on the tabernacle. "Oh," I said, "you mean a cubit! That's a measurement for length." She looked at me and started to laugh. Hard. She said, "I just had this picture of a stack of those little chubby angels used to measure stuff." We laughed and laughed over that one. Valentine's Day is going to have a different spin. I imagine reading the Old Testament will too.