Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Out of Control

I know I'm not the world's most consistent blogger but I'm hoping to get back into it a bit in 2011.  After a busy Christmas hosting my husband's family (29 of us on Christmas Day and the turkey that made all the other cry) and a realization that this winter thing is going on for a while, I've enjoyed retreating to my scrapbook studio and working on layouts and cards.  I plan to share many of them in the days to come but today is all about the mail.

Two Peas in a Bucket is among the best scrapbook message boards and resources out there and I started hanging out around there in the fall when I started to feel my urge to scrapbook return after a long hiatus.  I enjoyed being on a design team for about a year and a half but really lost my desire to create after I resigned.  Something about working with deadlines really didn't appeal to me.  We were in the middle of a big renovation of our basement and I didn't feel like hauling stuff out and putting it away again so I was mostly creating the odd card out of necessity and otherwise not spending any time at home scrapbooking.  I needed to rediscover the fun of it, what drew me to the craft to begin with.

One of my new favourite things to do is to look at the daily blog links posted on Two Peas.  I have especially enjoyed this lady's blog:  Hilde's blog.  Love her style and projects, just consistently great stuff.  A few weeks into posting she was doing a giveaway on her site.  I was in the habit of posting anyway, made a comment on her project, and didn't think much about it until she contacted me to say that I had won.  I was thrilled but that pales in comparison to how I felt after I received this package yesterday.

Can you believe how generous she is?  She designs for all these companies and I am so excited to play with this new stash!  The second photo is the stack of patterned paper alone.  And you do know I love me some paper!  She is seriously out of control but I am very grateful to be the recipient.

I've been working hard at another project as well.  I'm going to be the speaker at our upcoming church women's retreat.  I have a good amount of holy fear, I'd say.  There are going to be close to 150 women there!  I am writing and editing and writing some more and it has been a neat process with very specific answers to prayer along the way. 

Have a great day!


Prairie Chick said...

stranger! so good to hear from you! I tried to message you a few times on facebook but never seem to connect with you there. I always remember the box of goodies you sent me a few years ago and I was just out of my skin blessed as you must have been winning this gift pack. miss you. I know I am terrible at keeping in touch, but I really feel the need to connect with you, it's been so long!

Jingle said...

Have fun with all of those wonderful goodies!!!

Danielle said...

Enjoy your new products!

Becky said...

Awesome haul you've got there. Looks like it's the perfect thing to get you going again. Funny how things can come together like that isn't it? :)

Tracy said...

Nice a new post! :)
I have been checking everyday for one.
Now those are some treasures you received. I am sure you will have some fun with those.
I love to check out the 2peas blogs as well ;)

ScrappnBee said...

Congratulations on such a fabulous haul! This is a great haul! glad that it is helping your scrapping mojo!

hilde janbroers said...

I'm glad it arrived safely at your place!! can't wait to see what you are going to create with it!!
Have fun!!
love Hilde